Miracle Anti Aging Citrus Face Mask

By Libbie Summers Assisted by David Dempsey Edited by Candace Brower With Anna Heritage It’s a miracle!! After using this 3 ingredient homemade face mask I looked years younger, felt infinitely cooler and immediately craved a bowl of bibimbap. Read More »

Lemon Shrimp Salad Sandwich with Honeysuckle Mayonnaise

By Libbie Summers Photography by Chia Chong I may have just upped the ante of a GOOD Shrimp Salad Sandwich by adding a smear of honeysuckle mayonnaise and making it a GREAT Shrimp Salad Sandwich. Shrimp Salad Sandwich with Honeysuckle Mayonnaise serves 4 What you need: 1/2 pound cooked shrimp, peeled, roughly chopped and chilled slightly... Read More »

Grapefruit Meringue Cakes

Recipe and Styling by Libbie Summers Photography by Chia Chong Food Stylist’s assistant: Candace Brower  Something simple and still a bit fussy for a perfect dinner party dessert. Kind of a poor man’s Baked Alaska –if Baked Alaska was cool.  Grapefruit Meringue Cakes makes 6 jumbo muffin size cakes  What you need: 3 cups cake flour 3... Read More »