Tabletop Tuesday: Setting an Intimate Spot

By Libbie Summers Photography by Anna Heritage It may have taken him awhile, but my husband has jumped on the “think outside the dining room” bandwagon. He appreciates a special hot chocolate moment in a cozy corner almost as much as a 5 course meal at the head of an elaborately set dinner table... Read More »

Edible Wedding Rings

Recipes and Styling by Libbie Summers Photography by Chia Chong Assisted by Candace Brower Original post on Salted and Styled  Is it true that more people get engaged on Valentine’s Day than any other day of the year? I love the idea of celebrating love and putting a ring on it…in a different way.... Read More »

What the Heck Am I Wearing: Valentine’s Day Delivery

By Libbie Summers Photography by Anna Heritage If you pray just hard enough, February in Savannah can sometimes have the perfect weather for delivering heart shaped boxes of treats (not chocolates) on a pom-pommed clad bike! What the heck am I wearing?: Ivory Cabled Pom-Pom Sweater (from J. Crew), White Mid-Rise Skinny Leg Jeans... Read More »

Brown Sugar Meringue Cookies

By Libbie Summers (from Brown Sugar by Libbie Summers, Short Stack Editions) Photograph by Andy Lyons I’m in love with these Brown Sugar Meringue Cookies almost as much as I love the one I’m baking them for. Brown Sugar Meringue Cookies makes 36 (1 ½-inch cookies) Ingredients: 4 egg whites, room temperature ¼ teaspoon cream... Read More »

Hump Day: Chapter 13

“I told my doctor that one piece was not going to kill me but these pom-poms just might choke me to death.” –The Bitch on Chocolate. Read More »
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